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Important Things To Consider In Choosing Cheap Shower Heads

Changing shower heads can be achieved in a very minimal cost for the improvement of the looks of your shower and make it more functional without having a full bathroom remodeling. A plumber can perform the task in not more than an hour, and handy homeowners having a channel locks can also take it on. Similar to anything else with the bathroom, there are various range of showerhead selection. The size of your shower heads usually depends on your budget and on the shower space that is available, you may select for anything from wall-mounted head, no frills, or even the luxurious spa shower that contains various sprays and jets.

The shower heads costs a little bit expensive for those that has higher qualities and under a well-known brand. Taking this type of shower heads can offer you great savings in the long run, as it can provide you quality service throughout the year or years. Choosing the expensive one can offer you series of advantages like easy to use, good quality that even you drop it can lead no trace of crack or scratch, and it can also offer you good amount of water that you need as most on this type are adjustable.

Though the expensive one is considered the best, it is sometimes not applicable in all aspects. There are also some shower heads that are relatively cheap, for the reason that they are just new in the field and just starting out to build their brand. Thus, even though the prices of these shower heads are low, the quality is not compromised and it can even provide you the service that will exceed your expectations. Therefore the best way on how you can really save in searching for the right shower heads that is perfect for your shower room and to your budget is to use the internet for your search.

Searching for everything is attainable using the internet. Almost everything that you need is offered in various online shops. Too look for the best shower heads that is right for you, you just to search for the keywords “Cheap Shower Heads” and will then see various results that might fit on your search. To narrow down your search, find the comments or feedback of those customers who have tried the shower heads that you select. It will give you a clear view on how long the product can offer you quality service.

Shower heads are one of the most important accessories inside your bathroom, therefore it is right to make some investment on this. Everybody suffers from tight budgeting but that does not mean you will also sacrifice those things that can offer you great experience on a daily basis. Remember that the shower heads can offer you quality cleaning of yourself based from the amount of water that it can provide depending on the type of shower heads that you select. The selection process can be easy if you are equipped with the knowledge on what to look for on the best shower heads for your bathroom.


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Purchasing The Best Shower Head For You

Shower head can be an effective tool in every bathroom  or shower room if you purchase the right one for you. That is why before buying a particular product, you should take into consideration some of the important things in getting one.

You may check out the following tips given by some experts in purchasing shower head:

  • You have to opt a shower head that is handheld instead of a mounted one. The former is very versatile and adjustable or flexible. Luckily, there are famous brands that produce or create a shower head that is for low water pressure that integrate some sophisticated characteristics.
  • You also have to look for a shower head that can be adjusted when it comes to its height feature, valve (cut-off), and spray pattern. In the adjustable height feature, you can choose the height that best suits to your needs. In the cut-off valve, you will avoid wastage in the water that you will use. And for the spray pattern, it will give you the choice on what pattern of spray that is fit to you.

Shower Head Options

There are some popular shower heads that are produced by many famous company and here are the following:

  1. Kohler shower head
  2. Water pik shower head
  3. Oxygenics TriSpa (Fixed Chrome-Low Flow)
  4. Niagara Earth Massage
  5. Delta Faucet (75152) that has an adjustable shower. Its color is chrome, and you can bring it home by just spending a few dollars for purchasing it.
  6. Waterpik AST (33CC/ 20008489 Aqua Scape Dual Mode). Its color is from chrome and its best characteristic is that, it has a horizontal and vertical positions. In addition, it is also very affordable.
  7. Pearless (76950 2) that has 1 shower system. Likewise, its color comes from chrome. Its system is dual such as handheld and mounted. Each of the systems is of great quality and you can have both at the same moment. In addition, it is very cheap and you will never spend too much on buying this shower head.
  8. American Standard Flowise (1660.717.00-3 function water saving). This is the most costly option. It has various characteristics that will help you save your water bill and avoid wastage of water.
  9. Super Spray Clear Water Saving (low flow). This is the cheapest shower head and if you don’t have enough budget, you can go for this one.

Take time to read this article and be guided in purchasing the best shower that suits your needs.


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Best Shower Head For High Water Pressure

Good pressure in water ensures an individual to have a great shower but if you experience the opposite, you will be bothered and miserable because of it. It is important to have a good and strong flow of water and an extraordinary shower head.

Reasons for Low Water Pressure:

If you suffer from having a low water pressure, the root causes of it are as follows:

  • The pipes inside your house (municipal water supply).
  • Your plumbing (the pipes within your house and on your equipment).
  • Shower head.

If you experience problem like having a low water pressure all throughout your house, its cause is either the first one or the second one given above. In this connection, you have to have a consultation with a professional plumber who will be the one to assess if there is corrosion or a blockage. If this is the situation, you should fix the problem as early as possible because you will buy another for the replacement.

When you have a low water pressure, the problem might be either on bathroom plumbing or shower head. There may be corrosion inside the pipes of your bathroom or your shower head has wastage. In this kind of problem, you need to clean it using a washcloth and you can also follow the steps given by the product manufacturer to help you all throughout the process.

When your water pressure has been low for a couple of days, you have to remove the flow restrictor. This is responsible for controlling the gallons that comes out every minute and by removing it, you can restore the normal flow of your water.

Shower Heads For High Pressure

Since almost of the people want to save and there will be no individuals who do not want it, you have to look for a shower head that is created for higher pressure. However, you will no longer do that because what you will be searching for are already here and those shower heads are as follows:

  • Delta Water Shower head (Amplifying Adjustable): can make your water into a peculiar wave pattern that will help you feel more water even though it does not add its volume. You might think that you are using a lot but it is just because of the wave that is being created by this shower head and you might also ponder that your water bill will increase but it will never happen
  • Speakman Icon Anystream (High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head): has a consistent strong performance even though the water pressure is low; made from a strong solid brass that guarantees you with a great quality; equipped with nozzles that can be considered as self-cleaning.
  • High Sierra (1.5 GPM): has a patented nozzle that provides a great and strong complete spray that has large drops; you will save more water and energy that is 40 percent.

Thus, a shower head will be best if it is used properly. If your bathroom has high water pressure, you need to purchase a shower head that is designed for it like the aforementioned products.


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Shower Head: Fixing Leak and Regular Maintenance

One of the common problems that many people experience with the shower heads is leak. It is disturbing for the fact that it can waste plenty of water even though its just a small drip. It can also affect the amount of water that it can bring to you as it fall far from where you are situated. This kind of problem can be easily fixed using several methods to cure the leaking problems. Here are the ways that you can perform in order to eliminate and fix the shower head leaking problems.

  • The first thing that you must do is to detach the shower head. You can use wrench or screw drivers id needed. When removing the shower head see to it that you must not create further damage on it.
  • Remove the inside rubber gasket so that you can inspect for the root cause of the leakage. One the gasket creates black goo to your fingers, replacing the gasket is needed. If you are buying for replacement, see to it that the old ring will match on the selected new size.
  • Put the ring in the shower head. It may give you some effort of pushing it into place. See to it that the ring is placed flat inside the shower head.
  • Begin wrapping the pipe threads with Teflon tape. Make sure that you are wrapping in a single direction wherein the threads flow. Fully cover the thread area by not covering the smooth pipe. You can utilize two tape wraps that is pulled tight enough. You must be seeing the threads ridges however they must not be cutting on the tape.
  • Tear the tape in order to separate on the spool and thread the shower head in place by turning it until it is hand-tight.
  • You can dry run by turning on the water. If the is no leak, then you are done. But if there are still leakages, unscrew and remove again the head. Sometimes the leakage happens because of wrong method of screwing.
  • If the leak seems gone, by using the wrench, you can turn the shower half turn further. Be careful not to over tighten it as you can risk for stripping the threads. You can test again the water flow.
  • If the leak insist above that is almost undetectable, you must start all over again and try to replace the Teflon tape and make it a little bit tighter, and having additional wrap of tape. One you notice that the pipe seems too old, its thread might be worn enough to have additional tape.

By fixing the leakage of your shower heads you can avoid having a big loss of water when it is unused. If think that you can make these steps, it is a good investment and it can be a sure savings on your part as you will not hire somebody to make it done for you. However, if you think that you can worsen the current situation of your shower head. You can ask for the help of someone who has greater knowledge in accomplishing the job. It can be the most practical one in terms of savings as you will pay for sure fixing of problem.

The shower head problems are unavoidable circumstances that are triggered by many causes. Therefore, a regular inspection of your shower is necessary in order to avoid greater damage and big expenses. The regular cleaning of at least once a month can be very helpful to avoid the leakage. Give time to check the shower heads as it is one of the commonly used items inside your house.


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Top Three Best Shower Heads

Are you looking for the best shower heads? If so, here are the three great shower heads that you can find online:

  1. Speakman Anystream (S-2252)

  • It has a powerful stream.
  • It has a three spray features.
  • Its construction is sturdy.
  • It has a liver that s easy-grip.


As being stated it has three distinct settings such as a spray (sharp), rain (gentle), and flood (dense). According to the users, it is aggressive or rewarding, for some it is invigorating but most of them agreed that it provides a strong stream. For others, they say it is floods of water and for few people the experience is like taking a bath in a waterfall.

Comfort To Utilize

If you want to adjust the settings, it is very simple and you will never burn all of your calories.  In terms of installation, it is easy. This will be experienced if the owner of a house has a high water pressure. Unfortunately for the users who have low water pressure, he will do other steps like dispelling the flow restrictor in order to double the volume of the water. In terms of design, this is made from solid brass which made the users impressed. With this kind of material, the company that makes this can guarantee you to use a shower head for more than half of your life.

Bottom Line

The people who have tried this shower head love this for the reason that, it has a strong stream with three spray settings. Its construction made the users impressed because it is sturdy. However if your home has a water pressure that is low, this is not effective at all. And it utilizes 2.5 gallons for every minute so you will not save your water.

  1. Delta Hand Shower (75700)

  • This has a seven spray setting.
  • This has an easy installation.
  • This is not costly. In other words this is very affordable.

Before using this shower head, a person should first install it and according to most of the users, it is easy to do the installation because it only lasts for a few times without the help of various tools in plumbing. In addition, they have said that once the installation is done, it is easy to be utilized. In terms of the handle, it is anti-slip, for turn dial, it is easy to operate. And for the long hose, it is easy to manipulate in washing their pets, or washing their tub.


It is made from plastic that also makes it durable like other shower heads that are made from strong brass. Thus, it can compete to some products.

Bottom Line

This shower head has a long hose and you will be given a great option that has three finishes. It is also made from plastics and you will experience a strange feeling once you use it. In the context if its performance, many individuals say that their experience is like spa that comforts their weary muscles.

  1. Moen Velocity (S6320)

  • Has a good stream
  • Has two spray features
  • Can keep your water hot and warm
  • Has easy installation
  • Durable and will give you a year or many years to use it

Bottom Line

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Moen velocity S6320 is a great option for those people who want to have an adjustable shower head from a low shower to a rain shower by just touching its lever. In its construction, it is considered as durable as some of the best shower equipment.

Thus, looking for the best shower head will not be a hard time for you once you consider and give your trust to one of the top three products given above.


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How To Clean Shower Heads

Most of us definitely find problems when we are taking bath due to low or poor amount of water that we get from the shower heads. If you think that your shower heads needs some cleaning it is right to give it a thorough cleaning than replacing it with brand new. One of the primary reasons that cause trouble on the poor service of shower heads is build-up of city minerals or well waters that leads to reduction of water pressure. Here are some of the common steps that you can use in cleaning your shower heads.

  • The first thing that you must consider is to safely remove the shower heads so that you can clean it completely. Most of it has a thread that needs to be twisted in order to detach. Depending on the type of shower heads that you have, the most common tools that you can use for removing it are pipe wrench and screw drivers.
  • If your shower head is under warranty see to it that you handle it carefully and under the package instructions to avoid forfeiting such warranty.
  • You will need a large bottle of white vinegar for the cleaning procedure. Distilled white vinegar is considered the most natural one and the most affordable. It is also commonly utilized element  for mineralization of water.
  • The process of cleaning starts by filling a large container wherein the shower head can rest together with the white vinegar. If you are just detaching the shower head, you can put several inches of white vinegar inside a non-metal container. Put the shower head in the vinegar facing down the container. Let it soak for about two to three hours.
  • If you want to clean the shower head though it is still mounted, you can pour of about 3 inches of vinegar in a plastic bag and bring it to the bathroom using a rubber band. You can the open plastic bag on the shower head. Then, move the spout in order to face it down ward and begin wrapping the rubber band round the bag together with the top of shower head. You can leave the nozzle inside the vinegar for about two to three hours.
  • After several hours of soaking. Remove the shower head from the white vinegar. Put the vinegar down on the drain.
  • Start brushing the small nozzles using a tooth brush that is dipped in the vinegar. If there are plenty of minerals in the water, it will help loosen all the accumulated minerals from the inside of the shower head.
  • After brushing and you noticed that the minerals are removed, you can rinse the vinegar in the shower head. Once you remove the nozzle, you can turn on the sink faucet and let the heavy stream of water go through the nozzle and allow the water to run for about 30 seconds so that it will remove the stains and the odor of the vinegar.
  • If the nozzle is connected when you perform the process, same procedure applies, let the high pressure of water clean the mineral deposit and the vinegar and let it works for about 30 seconds.

Additional Tips For Shower Head Cleaning

  • Remove filter on the pipe attachment. Wash the filter that is underneath of the sink tap and the reinstall it to the pipe of the shower. It can be possible once you detach the shower head, as the filter is like a small mesh screen, which is put in the pipe next to the attachment of the shower head. The minerals have great possibility of clogging the filter that can result on poor water pressure.
  • You can also polish the external part of the shower head using a soft cloth. It will help to lessen the water spotting and create some shine.

You can repeat the process of vinegar cleaning every month or three months, depending on how fast does the mineral accumulate to the shower heads. It is also good that you clean the nozzle regularly to avoid getting the minerals to turn big and create damage on the shower and it fails to provide you the necessary amount of water that you need.


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Best Shower Heads: Advantages

Many people, especially buyers or consumers, consider the quality of a particular product. It is very important to be familiar with a certain brand name before buying it so that a person’s money will be spent on the right thing and the effort will not be useless.

Knowing The Pros Is A Need

In the context of shower heads, there might be some individuals who were being persuaded of something that is not true about a company product but there are also some consumers who become wiser by considering the advantages of a certain shower head.

To make you aware of some of the shower heads that have great quality, here are the advantages or benefits:

  1. Delta 75700WH (Seven-Spray Hand Shower)

  • The main advantage of this product is that it has low maintenance unlike to some wherein you have to do it more frequently.
  • It is considered as anti-clog. However, you will also find build-up on the shower head. In addition, it lessens the development of some build-up and this is good on your part as the user.
  • In retrieving or restoring the cleanliness, you will just use a washcloth; you do not need to use other things for maintaining it.
  • Its hose is like a metal but it is not like that. In fact it is made from plastics. In this connection, you will have the capacity or ability to make the end of showers protected.
  • It has a strong and simple stream of water that will allow you to enjoy your time using it without having any complication.
  • When it comes to its durability, it will last for a few years and it can be used by all of the members of the family.
  • And in terms of its price, it is very affordable. So with this, you will see quality by just spending your small amount of money.
  1.  Waterpik TRS-553 Elements (5-Mode Handheld Shower)

  • One of the important benefits is its affordability. Not all expensive products have a great quality and not all cheap products have this.
  • It has a bracket that is tiltable that will allow you to customize its left and right sides.
  • It is specifically designed for all bathroom fixtures.
  • And, it is from a various finishes that will complete your bathroom particularly the style you like or want.
  1. Speakman Hotel Anystream High Pressure (S-2005-HB)

  • It has a quality when it comes to metal fabrication.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is good for a big and small family.
  • It gives a spray pattern that is consistent because of its self-cleaning characteristics and its capacity to give good water (PSI).
  • It is made from plastics and you may ponder that it will drip and leak but it will never happen once you install it appropriately.
  • You will experience a lifetime warranty.

Based on the comments or feedbacks of the customers who bought this product, they said that it is very consistent in terms of its result, it is a good showerhead, and it has the capacity to be utilized for a long year. However, there are also some complaints that the shower heads they received was damaged. For your information, it is the result that happened during the shipping and the returns systems.

  1. Moen Velocity (S6320)

  • It provides a generous stream.
  • It has a two spray setting.
  • It maintains the hotness or warmness of the water.
  • This is easy to be installed.
  • This is durable so your money allotted to it will be great because you will utilize it for a long period of time.
  • This is a great choice for those individuals who do not know yet what to choose between rain showers and a traditional spray.
  • In terms of its performance, it varies from solacing to strong. You can adjust it to what shower you want to experience. If you want to be comfortable or relaxed, go for the former and if you want a vigorous shower experience, adjust this to the latter.
  • In its design, it has a good style. This is according to its customers. Thus, they really appreciate it.
  • As stated it is durable, it is because it is made from metal.
  • And it has five finishes such as brushed nickel, bronze (oil-rubbed), etc.

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Top 10 Best Shower Heads

Shower heads have been used for many years since technology has improved or innovated. In this present year, there are many new creations that you must not miss. These are quite different when it comes to what you are using and the characteristics or features that you are looking for in a  particular product can already be seen on those products. So, if you are not contented with your shower head, and if you want something new, effective and efficient, try having new sets of shower heads that can help your bathroom have a new look. Here are the top 10 best shower heads that you can choose from depending on your style and needs.

Culligan Shower Head (WSH-C125 Wall-Mount)

  • This is not hard to install compared to other available products in the market. You will not also be using a tool when it comes to its installation.
  • It has a filter (patented) that diminishes chlorine (99 percent), sulfur odors or scale. Taking a bath with a shower head that does not lessen or reduce this chemical may affect a person so it is advisable to use this product.
  • It can massage you because it has good settings i.e. 5 spray.
  • It is a certified product by the NSF so in this way, it assures you that this is a good product.
  • You will have a 5 year-warranty. If in case you don’t enjoy this shower head within a specific time, you can return it from the company and it will give you back your payment.
  • Its filter capacity is 10, 000 gallons.
  • It has an anti-clog nozzles (rubber spray).

Delta Shower Head (75700WH)

  • This has a 6 feet hose that will give you the opportunity to have more flexibility when you use it.
  • It has some brass characteristics that enhances the quality of this product.
  • It is undoubtedly easy to install and can be done without utilizing various tools and the shower head that you are using requires a wrench when you unscrew it.
  • This is also very affordable, and aside from that, the companies will assure you that you will have a shower head that has of great quality.

Waterpik Shower Head (TRS-553)

  • It has a peculiar shower settings that will allow you to have a soothing experience or in other words it is able to massage you.
  • You can also conserve water when you use this for the reason that it has OptiFlow.
  • Its size is 3 inches that can cover your whole body.
  • It is very versatile and this feature serves as its main advantage.
  • It is not hard to clean. You can use washcloth every time you do it.
  • It is not also hard to install.

Speakman Shower Head (S-2005-HB)

  • It has nozzles (self-cleaning) that will not require you to have a high maintenance.
  • It has met the basis on plumbing features.
  • It has 5 jets that are adjustable that will let you experience a whole showering coverage.
  • Its material is lightweight plastic that is designed by the company and become the highest when it comes to its quality.
  • Its major characteristic is that Anystream 360 is being utilized with this.

LDR 520 3320CP Shower Head (3 Functions)

  • This is best for many people who want a shower head that is very simple, easy to operate and with easy installation.
  • Most of the products out there have 5 settings buy here it has 3 and chrome finish.
  • For the people who don’t want to spend more time in cleaning it, this is best for you because this is not hard to clean.

Niagara Shower Head (N9620CH-HH)

  • This is certified by WaterSense which means that you will save more water.
  • It has rubber nozzles that are soft that will allow you to clean it easily.
  • It uses 2.0 gallons in every minute.
  • It can assure you to have a great shower experience.
  • Its materials consist of 60” nylon where being strengthened by its hose or bracket (PVC).

American Standard FloWise Shower Head (1660.717.002)

  • It can help you enjoy invigorating shower while having some water savings because of its turbine technology.
  • Has a three spray settings such as turbine, full and combination.
  • In connection on how much you save water, it will be up to 40%. In this case you’re not just helping yourself but you are also extending your hands to the environment.
  • This is angle-adjustable.

Niagara Earth Massage (N2912CH)

  • It utilizes less water that is up to 75 percent. However it does not mean that you will be experiencing low pressure.
  • It can give you a flow that is consistent and strong because of its technology (pressure compensating).
  • Its stream is not aerated wherein it does not make the water low when it comes to its temperature.
  • For the user, you will save electricity.
  • Its head is rust-resistant and it has nozzle jets that are easy to adjust.

Ana Bath Shower Head (SS5450CBN)

  • It has two heads wherein you are able to switch what you want to use (handheld or showering that is hands-free).
  • Both of the heads have five uses with saturating, soothing massage, and spray (bubble).
  • To avoid corrosion, you have to utilize a brushed nickel end or finish.

Thus, looking at the top 10 best shower heads, you will have a great choice or best option.  If you experience inconvenience and inconsistency with what you are utilizing, your money, time and effort are futile or worthless. It is better that you reckon the given products for your daily use because you will be on the right path and right hand so try one from them now!


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Bathroom Improvement: Shower Heads

Home improvement is one of the most challenging and exciting jobs to do as it will give your house a new look. If you are planning for some home renovation, you should start first on your bathroom, as it is one of the most essential areas inside your house that is regularly utilized. You may start giving your bathroom a new shower head so that it will give you comfort while you are taking a bath. There are various types of shower heads that you can choose from that will definitely transform your bathroom in to a more functional home areas.

Shower heads have different sizes and shapes. There is a handheld, double or dual, or rainfall shower heads. It is better that you take the one that you can experience in other home. Give a closer look on some of the best designs of shower heads.

  • Handheld Shower Heads

The handheld shower head is align on the comfortable and casual showers that is surrounded by various tile size. This type of shower head is available in small diameter, however the homeowner can make some adjustments on the height while washing their hair. There are various updates that you can use in order to ensure that your showering experience is always the best. The silver type shower fixtures are also part of the traditional shower room that is enclosed with white walls.

  • Dual or Double Shower Heads

Many people seems to like the traditional beauty attraction of the dual shower heads that is surrounded by slate tile, and additional panels underneath with a shower door that is frameless. It will also provide you convenience as this kind of shower heads also offers an adjustable height characteristics. With this type of shower head, you will definitely not miss any spot.

  • Rainfall Shower Heads

One of the most dominant themes in the latest shower designs is the rainfall shower heads. Anywhere you look around, there are plenty of homeowners that apply the rainfall shower heads in the master bathrooms. This kind of shower head can establish a modern shower features when the silver rainfall shower head is utilized. Its simple handle can match with a white and gray bathroom design. The shower head is not that flashy as compared to other shower heads.

If you are pursuing your plan of improving your bathroom accessories, you can also consider adding new outdoor showers that can be utilized for removing the sand and dirt, thus it would not necessarily mean that the design of the shower heads must sacrifice. Even though it is located outdoors, see to it that you have picked the right shower head. As it can complement the overall designs of your shower room. If you want to give new look to your house, do not hesitate to start first on one of the most vital areas of your house, your investment for shower room and its accessories will offer you great rewards like having a wonderful feeling every time that you take the shower, any hours of the day.

Process of Installing Shower Head Adapter

Majority of people, especially girls, will consume plenty of time taking a shower to ensure that they thoroughly clean themselves. One of the most useful items that can be located inside the bathroom is the shower heads as it can provide you the right amount of water that you need during your body wash or taking a bath. Shower head contains a part that requires additional attention to ensure that it will provide you good service, and that is the shower head adapter. Here are the process of how you can install the shower head adapter.

The initial thing that you must consider is to select a shower head adapter that is flexible so that you can put a shower on your bathtub that does not possess one, without letting to have a complete plumbing alterations. The process is very simple to install a shower if you have tub spout. Similar to the normal tub fitting or shower, you need to pull the diverter in order to give water in the flexible hose. This method is very easy and inexpensive, and it can transform your bathroom shower into a more functional area.

Remove the existing bathtub spout. In order to do this, search the screw head underneath the bathtub spout. If you found one, take of the screw and pull the tub spout towards your direction. Once you successfully remove it, you can pull straight off the old spout. If you cannot remove it, you may use screwdriver or pluming wrench to turn all the spout into a counterclockwise direction, which is not hard.

You can clean the area surrounding the pipe and around the tile if the old spout is removed, you must also eliminate the buildup of calcium and caulk. Do not forget to carefully clean the pipe threads as it is also very important. When cleaning is done, you may begin installing the new shower head adapter spout through putting a small quantity of joint pipe substance to the pipe threads and turning the new spout in place. If the spout slip, you have to slide it back on the pipe and then tighten the underneath screw. The common tool that you will be needing is the pipe wrench.

Afterwards, try to find flexible hose that is incorporated in the kit. See to it that you screw it on place of the spout. Measure the height that you like to set for your shower head and check for the available space in the bathroom so that it will not give you trouble in lifting it out on the hanger. You can then finish the covering by screwing the receptacle on the wall where in you can hang it. You can now enjoy your new shower head that is flexible. The process is very easy and it helps you to save big money by eliminating the help of other people to make the job done for you. The process just requires a little patience and skills to make it successful.


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