Best Shower Head For High Water Pressure

Good pressure in water ensures an individual to have a great shower but if you experience the opposite, you will be bothered and miserable because of it. It is important to have a good and strong flow of water and an extraordinary shower head.

Reasons for Low Water Pressure:

If you suffer from having a low water pressure, the root causes of it are as follows:

  • The pipes inside your house (municipal water supply).
  • Your plumbing (the pipes within your house and on your equipment).
  • Shower head.

If you experience problem like having a low water pressure all throughout your house, its cause is either the first one or the second one given above. In this connection, you have to have a consultation with a professional plumber who will be the one to assess if there is corrosion or a blockage. If this is the situation, you should fix the problem as early as possible because you will buy another for the replacement.

When you have a low water pressure, the problem might be either on bathroom plumbing or shower head. There may be corrosion inside the pipes of your bathroom or your shower head has wastage. In this kind of problem, you need to clean it using a washcloth and you can also follow the steps given by the product manufacturer to help you all throughout the process.

When your water pressure has been low for a couple of days, you have to remove the flow restrictor. This is responsible for controlling the gallons that comes out every minute and by removing it, you can restore the normal flow of your water.

Shower Heads For High Pressure

Since almost of the people want to save and there will be no individuals who do not want it, you have to look for a shower head that is created for higher pressure. However, you will no longer do that because what you will be searching for are already here and those shower heads are as follows:

  • Delta Water Shower head (Amplifying Adjustable): can make your water into a peculiar wave pattern that will help you feel more water even though it does not add its volume. You might think that you are using a lot but it is just because of the wave that is being created by this shower head and you might also ponder that your water bill will increase but it will never happen
  • Speakman Icon Anystream (High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head): has a consistent strong performance even though the water pressure is low; made from a strong solid brass that guarantees you with a great quality; equipped with nozzles that can be considered as self-cleaning.
  • High Sierra (1.5 GPM): has a patented nozzle that provides a great and strong complete spray that has large drops; you will save more water and energy that is 40 percent.

Thus, a shower head will be best if it is used properly. If your bathroom has high water pressure, you need to purchase a shower head that is designed for it like the aforementioned products.


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