How To Clean Shower Heads

Most of us definitely find problems when we are taking bath due to low or poor amount of water that we get from the shower heads. If you think that your shower heads needs some cleaning it is right to give it a thorough cleaning than replacing it with brand new. One of the primary reasons that cause trouble on the poor service of shower heads is build-up of city minerals or well waters that leads to reduction of water pressure. Here are some of the common steps that you can use in cleaning your shower heads.

  • The first thing that you must consider is to safely remove the shower heads so that you can clean it completely. Most of it has a thread that needs to be twisted in order to detach. Depending on the type of shower heads that you have, the most common tools that you can use for removing it are pipe wrench and screw drivers.
  • If your shower head is under warranty see to it that you handle it carefully and under the package instructions to avoid forfeiting such warranty.
  • You will need a large bottle of white vinegar for the cleaning procedure. Distilled white vinegar is considered the most natural one and the most affordable. It is also commonly utilized element  for mineralization of water.
  • The process of cleaning starts by filling a large container wherein the shower head can rest together with the white vinegar. If you are just detaching the shower head, you can put several inches of white vinegar inside a non-metal container. Put the shower head in the vinegar facing down the container. Let it soak for about two to three hours.
  • If you want to clean the shower head though it is still mounted, you can pour of about 3 inches of vinegar in a plastic bag and bring it to the bathroom using a rubber band. You can the open plastic bag on the shower head. Then, move the spout in order to face it down ward and begin wrapping the rubber band round the bag together with the top of shower head. You can leave the nozzle inside the vinegar for about two to three hours.
  • After several hours of soaking. Remove the shower head from the white vinegar. Put the vinegar down on the drain.
  • Start brushing the small nozzles using a tooth brush that is dipped in the vinegar. If there are plenty of minerals in the water, it will help loosen all the accumulated minerals from the inside of the shower head.
  • After brushing and you noticed that the minerals are removed, you can rinse the vinegar in the shower head. Once you remove the nozzle, you can turn on the sink faucet and let the heavy stream of water go through the nozzle and allow the water to run for about 30 seconds so that it will remove the stains and the odor of the vinegar.
  • If the nozzle is connected when you perform the process, same procedure applies, let the high pressure of water clean the mineral deposit and the vinegar and let it works for about 30 seconds.

Additional Tips For Shower Head Cleaning

  • Remove filter on the pipe attachment. Wash the filter that is underneath of the sink tap and the reinstall it to the pipe of the shower. It can be possible once you detach the shower head, as the filter is like a small mesh screen, which is put in the pipe next to the attachment of the shower head. The minerals have great possibility of clogging the filter that can result on poor water pressure.
  • You can also polish the external part of the shower head using a soft cloth. It will help to lessen the water spotting and create some shine.

You can repeat the process of vinegar cleaning every month or three months, depending on how fast does the mineral accumulate to the shower heads. It is also good that you clean the nozzle regularly to avoid getting the minerals to turn big and create damage on the shower and it fails to provide you the necessary amount of water that you need.


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