Process of Installing Shower Head Adapter

Majority of people, especially girls, will consume plenty of time taking a shower to ensure that they thoroughly clean themselves. One of the most useful items that can be located inside the bathroom is the shower heads as it can provide you the right amount of water that you need during your body wash or taking a bath. Shower head contains a part that requires additional attention to ensure that it will provide you good service, and that is the shower head adapter. Here are the process of how you can install the shower head adapter.

The initial thing that you must consider is to select a shower head adapter that is flexible so that you can put a shower on your bathtub that does not possess one, without letting to have a complete plumbing alterations. The process is very simple to install a shower if you have tub spout. Similar to the normal tub fitting or shower, you need to pull the diverter in order to give water in the flexible hose. This method is very easy and inexpensive, and it can transform your bathroom shower into a more functional area.

Remove the existing bathtub spout. In order to do this, search the screw head underneath the bathtub spout. If you found one, take of the screw and pull the tub spout towards your direction. Once you successfully remove it, you can pull straight off the old spout. If you cannot remove it, you may use screwdriver or pluming wrench to turn all the spout into a counterclockwise direction, which is not hard.

You can clean the area surrounding the pipe and around the tile if the old spout is removed, you must also eliminate the buildup of calcium and caulk. Do not forget to carefully clean the pipe threads as it is also very important. When cleaning is done, you may begin installing the new shower head adapter spout through putting a small quantity of joint pipe substance to the pipe threads and turning the new spout in place. If the spout slip, you have to slide it back on the pipe and then tighten the underneath screw. The common tool that you will be needing is the pipe wrench.

Afterwards, try to find flexible hose that is incorporated in the kit. See to it that you screw it on place of the spout. Measure the height that you like to set for your shower head and check for the available space in the bathroom so that it will not give you trouble in lifting it out on the hanger. You can then finish the covering by screwing the receptacle on the wall where in you can hang it. You can now enjoy your new shower head that is flexible. The process is very easy and it helps you to save big money by eliminating the help of other people to make the job done for you. The process just requires a little patience and skills to make it successful.


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