Purchasing The Best Shower Head For You

Shower head can be an effective tool in every bathroom  or shower room if you purchase the right one for you. That is why before buying a particular product, you should take into consideration some of the important things in getting one.

You may check out the following tips given by some experts in purchasing shower head:

  • You have to opt a shower head that is handheld instead of a mounted one. The former is very versatile and adjustable or flexible. Luckily, there are famous brands that produce or create a shower head that is for low water pressure that integrate some sophisticated characteristics.
  • You also have to look for a shower head that can be adjusted when it comes to its height feature, valve (cut-off), and spray pattern. In the adjustable height feature, you can choose the height that best suits to your needs. In the cut-off valve, you will avoid wastage in the water that you will use. And for the spray pattern, it will give you the choice on what pattern of spray that is fit to you.

Shower Head Options

There are some popular shower heads that are produced by many famous company and here are the following:

  1. Kohler shower head
  2. Water pik shower head
  3. Oxygenics TriSpa (Fixed Chrome-Low Flow)
  4. Niagara Earth Massage
  5. Delta Faucet (75152) that has an adjustable shower. Its color is chrome, and you can bring it home by just spending a few dollars for purchasing it.
  6. Waterpik AST (33CC/ 20008489 Aqua Scape Dual Mode). Its color is from chrome and its best characteristic is that, it has a horizontal and vertical positions. In addition, it is also very affordable.
  7. Pearless (76950 2) that has 1 shower system. Likewise, its color comes from chrome. Its system is dual such as handheld and mounted. Each of the systems is of great quality and you can have both at the same moment. In addition, it is very cheap and you will never spend too much on buying this shower head.
  8. American Standard Flowise (1660.717.00-3 function water saving). This is the most costly option. It has various characteristics that will help you save your water bill and avoid wastage of water.
  9. Super Spray Clear Water Saving (low flow). This is the cheapest shower head and if you don’t have enough budget, you can go for this one.

Take time to read this article and be guided in purchasing the best shower that suits your needs.


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